Grupo Abaco Design and Construction

Design and Construction


Our strategic business units have an uncompromising
determination to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Commercial and Residential Construction

Dedicated to designing and building construction solutions for residential and commercial customers. We combine coordination, efficiency, and professionalism to make sure your projects are completed correctly.

Transportation and Logistics

Dedicated to providing the best solutions in transportation and logistics by ensuring that every freight move is optimized and tendered at the lowest cost and meets our customers’ requirements.

food handling equipment

Easily transport and store anything in your business with our wide selection of food-handling equipment which provides you with the greatest tools for optimizing your business for profitable growth.

Competitive advantages.

The best price in the market
The Best Price

We apply the newest technologies to assure the high quality of our products while reducing production cost, so our customer can enjoy a high profitable and reliable solution

Our products can be customized according to your requirements

Most of our storage and handling products are customized according to your requirements and specifications in order to assure high quality and reliable solutions.

Our high quality products that are designed for maximum versatility and efficiency

Our highly skilled team using state-of-the-art equipment makes us unique in the delivery of high quality products that are designed for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Our passion is to provide the best customer support possible

Our passion is to provide the best customer support possible, because for every sale that we made, we see an opportunity for developing long-term relationships with our clients.

Grupo Abaco Storage and HandlingEquipment

Storage and Handling Equipment

Grupo Abaco offers a wide selection of food storage and transport equipment that are designed specifically for your needs. Our products are developed in order to assure consistent quality, easy cleaning, and reliable operations. We are confident that you can count on our highly skilled and certified staff to provide you with the best solutions areas such as restaurants, hotels, bakeries, etc.


that will ensure continued growth for your business.

Our skilled team using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, produces our high-quality storage and transport products that are designed to provide the advantages you need to succeed in today’s competitive markets.

We invite you to take a look at our wide range of food storage and transport equipment, where you can find the perfect solution to ensure continued growth for your business.

Aluminum Sheet Pan Rack Assembly Tutorial

A perfect solution for storing and transporting your delicious treats

We have made this simple video tutorial in order to show the detailed steps of assembling an aluminum sheet pan rack.
Made of heavy gauge, fully welded aluminum, this universal sheet pan rack is perfect for in-house foodservice facilities, bakeries, restaurants and high-activity operations. Its space between each shelf allows you to store items like bread, cookies, doughnuts, and pastries.

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Brick’s skilled team focus on the delivering excellence in everything they do, by planning out every step and ensuring every project meets the highest-quality standards of the industry of construction.

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